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1. A 300-mV 220-nW Event-Driven ADC With Real-Time QRS Detection for Wearable ECG Sensors
2. A Dynamic Compression Scheme for Energy-Efficient Real-Time Wireless Electrocardiogram Biosensors
3. A Home Sleep Apnea Screening Device With Time-Domain Signal Processing and Autonomous Scoring Capability
4. A Tactile Stimulation Device for EEG Measurements in Clinical Use
5. Application of Cross Wavelet Transform for ECG Pattern Analysis and Classification
6. Atrial Electrical Activity Detection Using Linear Combination of 12-Lead ECG Signals
7. Augmented Complex Common Spatial Patterns for Classification of Noncircular EEG From Motor Imagery Tasks
8. Automated Biosignal Quality Analysis for Electromyography Using a One-Class Support Vector Machine
9. Eigenvalue Signal Processing for Weather Radar Polarimetry: Removing the Bias Induced by Antenna Coherent Cross-Channel Coupling
10.Enhanced Low-Latency Detection of Motor Intention From EEG for Closed-Loop Brain-Computer Interface Applications
11. ERNN: A Biologically Inspired Feedforward Neural Network to Discriminate Emotion From EEG Signal
12. Impact of Skin-Electrode Interface on Electrocardiogram Measurements Using Conductive Textile Electrodes
13. Hypnogram and Sleep Parameter Computation From Activity and Cardiovascular Data
14. Improved Signal Processing Methods for Velocity Selective Neural Recording Using Multi-Electrode Cuffs
15. Integrate and Fire Pulse Train Automaton for QRS detection
16. Nonparametric Signal Processing Validation in T-Wave Alternans Detection and Estimation
17. Novel Electrodes for Underwater ECG Monitoring
18. Novel Methods for Noncontact Heart Rate Measurement: A Feasibility Study
19. Quantum Neural Network-Based EEG Filtering for a Brain-Computer Interface
20. Rotational Speed Measurement Through Electrostatic Sensing and Correlation Signal Processing
21. Secondary Peak Detection of PPG Signal for Continuous Cuffless Arterial Blood Pressure Measurement
22. Signal Processing With Direct Computations on Compressively Sensed Data
23. Simple and Efficient Compressed Sensing Encoder for Wireless Body Area Network
24. Time-Interleaved Phased Arrays With Parallel Signal Processing in RF Modulations
25. WiCop: Engineering WiFi Temporal White-Spaces for Safe Operations of Wireless Personal Area Networks in Medical Applications
26. Analysis of Sensing Efficiency for Cooperative Spectrum Sensing With Malicious Users in Cognitive Radio Networks
27. Vehicle Reidentification With Self-Adaptive Time Windows for Real-Time Travel Time Estimation
28. On Amplitude and Frequency Demodulation Using Energy Operators

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