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Mtech Power System Projects in Bangalore

M Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering - DIP introduces the students to advanced communications & Image Processing And Pattern Recognition,Detection And Estimation Of Signals, Radar Signal Processing, Image And Video Processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Optical Communication And Networks, System Modeling & Simulation, Wireless Communications And Networks, Microcomputer System Design, DSP Processors And Architectures, Advanced Signal Processing.


1)Multilevel Power Estimation Of Benchmark Circuit Using Neural Algorithm
2)Dynamic Modeling of Electric Springs
3)Multilevel Power Estimation Of VLSI Circuits Using Efficient Algorithms
4)Improved Transformerless Inverter With Common-Mode Leakage Current Elimination for a Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Power System
6)On Amplitude and Frequency Demodulation Using Energy Operators
8)A New Class of Nonlinear Filters for Image Enhancement
9)Voltage Stability Margin (VSM) and Maximum Loading Point (MLP) Of A Multi-Bus System Before and After Compensation
10)Use of local measurements to estimate voltage-stability margin
11)Power system voltage stability margin identification using local measurements
12)A Maximum Loading Margin Method for Static Voltage Stability in Power Systems
13)A new method of voltage stability margin estimation based on local measurements
14)New Criteria of Voltage Stability Margin for the Purpose of Load Shedding
15)The Non-Divergence Newton Based Load Flow Method in Ill Conditioned system
16)Preventive reactive power management for improving voltage stability margin
17)Hypothetical Study For Selection Of Optimal Location Of Multiple FACTS Devices Under Contingent Condition Using Different Objective Functions
18)Improving Voltage Stability Margin Using Voltage Profile and Sensitivity Analysis by Neural Network

The Reliability Test using matlab,Optimal Power Flow,Frequency Oscillations and Damping Controller ,Optimal Reactive Power Dispatch

Power System Projects for Mtech Like MicroGrids islanded operation,Power System Stability,Voltage Stability

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